PACHE is a brand of minimalistic swimwear and lingerie. For 7 years now (since summer 2016) we have been helping women of different ages, sizes, heights and preferences to choose comfortable things for home and rest. We do not release seasonal collections. We offer a completely different way of choosing: with a constant variety of options, you can choose a thing from our huge color palette. We have 5 shades of one blue! This, first of all, reflects the idea of ​​our brand: good base units are true friends of your natural unique beauty. Things do not focus on themselves, but rather emphasize your merits.

The collection contains basic styles and from time to time we supplement our line with new products that are perfectly combined with all models from stock. This helps not to create overproduction, promotes rational consumption and shows our customers how models remain relevant from year to year. Due to the fact that the styles do not leave the line and remain with us constantly, we have the opportunity to refine them, improving our products. We have our own production facility in Moscow, which allows us to provide prompt sewing of temporarily absent models and provide high quality products.

On our Instagram account you can see how beautifully and in different ways our styles fit on completely different women. 80% of the content that you will see are photos of our customers. We hope you become one of them!